Company History

In 1980, Mr. Sergio Nonnemacher (in memory) founded the company Apolichs do Sul, specialized in metal polishing. In 2005, with all the knowledge and expertise acquired, he decided to create a new business, able to bring a new solution in materials for its own polishing: the company Polibra.
Located within the industrial complex of Apolichs do Sul, Polibra is already considered, the most modern Polishing wheels manufacturer in Brazil. That is because, in addition to having the most advanced manufacturing technology in the industry and being made up of a high level tecnical team, it has as an asset, to test and approve its products with a strict quality control, which results mainly in safety for the customer who purchases the materials. 
Polibra, advises its customers when choosing the appropriate product to be used at each step of polishing. We have materials of different sizes and formats available, as well as the production of custom made products, catering to our customers needs. 

In order to keep growing, Polibra has developed its own working method:

  • Experience linked to innovation capacity;
  • Agility and processes automation;
  • Building customer loyalty through an innovative approach;
  • Ethics and quality.

With the constant concern of investing in machinery and equipment, Polibra improves its production processes every day, which guarantees a high level of service with affinity between the customers needs and the product offered.

Our Mission

Identify and cater to our customer needs by manufacturing high-performance polishing products with technology, innovation, quality and safety.

Our Vision

Consolidate Polibra as the main national reference in polishing materials manufacturer.

Our Values

  • Customer Focus
  • Team Work
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Profitability
  • Excellence's Search
  • Safety
  • Sustainability.

Count on us to find the best solution for your process

Experience with
Process agility
and automation
and quality




years in the market




customers and partners

Social responsability

A concern with the environmental aspects caused by the production activities, especially with the correct treatment and management of solid and  liquid residues, is one of the premises of Grupo Apolichs do Sul. That is why the company has an industrial effluent treatment plant and a treatment system for sanitary effluents, designed within the norms established by the environmental bodies, with the objective of promoting continuous improvement and acting with responsibility and integrity in the protection of the environment. 

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